VolkerWessels Logistics Development and Delta Development are starting the construction of Rollema's sustainable new home.


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Den Hoorn, Midden-Delfland, April 22, 2024 - By driving the first pile, group director Fred Weijgertse of Rollema's Technical Logistics division and councilor Fred Voskamp of the municipality of Midden-Delfland gave the official go-ahead for the construction of the new building of Rollema; part of Logicall, in the Harnaschpolder. In the coming year, ABC Harnaschpolder, a development combination of Delta Development and VolkerWessels Logistics Development, will develop these high-quality logistics business and office spaces of 15,040 m². The building is being built at Hoog-Harnasch 1.

The sustainable project, designed by OPL Architects, will have a characteristic appearance with different building heights where calm colors in the facade ensure a harmonious and gradual transition between the different building functions. The office spaces will be located on the corner of Gantel and Hoog-Harnasch, with the company garden with lush plants at the front. Everything is situated in such a way that the view is attractive for local residents and offers minimal visibility of the truck court. There will also be a green transition zone with a beautiful pergola along the Gantel.

Delta Development and VolkerWessels Logistics Development are realizing the building based on various sustainable ambitions, with the construction in the hands of Systabo, also a VolkerWessels company. Special attention was paid to CO2 reduction during design and construction, both by minimizing CO2 in the used building materials and by implementing measures to reduce operational CO2 emissions. A sustainable building installation, with electric fan convectors and air-water heat pumps, provides heating and cooling. The white roof with solar panels, just like the green plants, combats heat stress.

The BREEAM certified building is all-electric. Rollema will provide the roof with a PV installation for the generation of clean energy. As a result, the building will become CO2 negative at an accelerated rate during its lifespan. The circular Cradle-to-Cradle philosophy is also embraced: abundant daylight is provided indoors, a healthy indoor climate and non-toxic, easily recyclable building materials are used. The design is based on Design for Disassembly, where used products, parts and materials can easily be recovered from the project for reuse.

The building is BREEAM certified.
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