VWLD strength

VWLD focuses specifically on developing logistics and commercial real estate in the Netherlands. Our extensive VolkerWessels network of specialists in each aspect of construction enables us to deliver the best proposition for our users. No matter how specific and exceptional your requirements are, VWLD can fulfil them. Do the principles change due to progressive insight or market situation? Full transparency in the cooperation with our clients ensures that we can adapt to any change.

The logistics market is changing rapidly. The world's population is growing exponentially, and the demographic map is changing. Purchasing processes are digitising, and urban agglomerations are increasing in size. Markets are globalising, while at the same time, higher demands are being made on the fast, flexible and reliable delivery of goods. That places new demands on the way logistics are being organised. The strategic location of distribution centres plays an essential role in this regard. We are happy to take the lead in this, with your business goals and accommodation requirements as our starting point.

Design & build

VWLD has already developed plans for several of its own landholdings to be able to respond even faster and more flexibly to the rapidly changing market. These holdings can be realised in the short term, and we have already been granted the environmental permits for these locations. We build these properties at our own risk and find users that fit the project. In designing and drawing up the building specifications, we have taken into account a global but extensive package of requirements that users might have for their premises. This makes the designs multi-purpose and suitable for multiple types of users.

If necessary, specific adjustments can be made within the design to afford the object a unique image that fits in with the company. Take a look at our land bank to discover what options we can offer you. Or contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Build to suit

It would be great if your distribution centre were fully adapted to the wishes and requirements of your Tenant or user, right? We take care of that, wherever it may be. We can carry out the entire development on a VolkerWessels landholding or a landholding chosen by the user. Together with other VolkerWessels companies, we ensure that you are completely unburdened during the entire project.

From the design, the drawing up of a Programme of Requirements, to the complete set-up of the warehouse. VWLD, together with the partners within the VolkerWessels group, will assist you in all aspects of the development. Discuss your wishes with us and put us to the test.


The innovation in developing logistics and commercial property goes beyond developing an efficient building for the user. By developing real estate, we also have a social responsibility. New construction creates employment and simultaneously increases CO2 emissions. By already paying extra attention to CO2 reduction and environmental impact during the design phase, the buildings we develop become healthy business cases for users, owners and other stakeholders.

Naturally, our real estate is built within the agreed BREEAM level. In addition, if desired, we work with a materials passport to make circularity measurable during the construction process. Feel free to ask us how we can make your project sustainable.



VWLD is specialised in the redevelopment of large-scale sites. This is a very sustainable activity, partly due to urban densification and the possibility of recycling materials. We support the reuse of locations and possess the necessary expertise with VolkerWessels as our construction partner. We are continually on the lookout for sites to further expand these activities. These landholdings could be greenfields, i.e. pastures with the correct zoning, and brownfields, rezoning or redevelopment of existing land.

If you would like more information or want to know what VWLD's search criteria are, please contact us.