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VolkerWessels Logistics Development (VWLD) is the best innovative development partner for your logistics and commercial property. This is mainly expressed in our way of cooperating. There are no black boxes but full transparency in every phase of the development process. From the acquisition of a location to the final realisation - we find the best match for every brief together with our clients and strategic partners within the VolkerWessels group.

The design and realisation of logistic real estate in close consultation with the new user of your object are called Build to Suit and is VWLD's true specialism. With thorough joint preparation, we achieve a very efficient and sustainable design on all fronts, in which the operation of the new Tenant is paramount. Sustainability to us means adding value to the (logistic) real estate object by realising a better and healthier working environment.

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Build to suit

VWLD is specialised in developing Built to Suit, a tailored solution for a logistics user that meets all the requirements and wishes needed for an optimal logistics process. We develop from the inside out, so we start with the logistics operation and design an appropriate new distribution centre around it. We can carry out the development integrally for you on our own land holdings or at a location acquired on your behalf. As our client, the cooperation with other VolkerWessels companies means that you work with a well-organised project team that remains involved and responsible from the first sketch to completion.

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About us

The market is in flux. You need a strategic location where you can organise your logistics according to the new requirements to meet the exacting and growing demand for the delivery of goods. VWLD is your reliable partner in this, and you will also have access to our extensive VolkerWessels network of specialists in every construction discipline. Our flexible and transparent approach will help you meet the market demands of today and the future.

Design & Build

Using design & build, we develop rapidly realisable plans for our own land holdings, enabling us to respond to the highly fast-changing logistics and other markets. Here, we build objects based on extensive requirements at our own risk. This results in multi-purpose designs. Furthermore, specific adjustments are possible to match the appearance of the logistics property to your company.


We can no longer avoid the subject of sustainability, nor would we want to. That is why we build our real estate in accordance with the agreed BREEAM level, to begin with, but there are more possibilities. If required, we can work with a materials passport to make circularity measurable. To limit our environmental impact, we also take CO2 emissions and the environment into account as early as the design phase.


We also do not shy away from redeveloping large-scale sites. These projects are already sustainable by nature, and therefore we fully support the reuse of sites. Moreover, with VolkerWessels as our construction partner, this is where our expertise lies. That is why we are always on the lookout for locations for these types of projects. If you have a proposition you would like to discuss, please contact us.


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